Creating timeless and meaningfull images while having fun and making you feel comfortable in your own skin is what I love the most about my job.

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I've been obsessed with taking photos for as long as I can remember. It first started as a hobby when I was 13 years old practicing with my little sister as a model, and as my side job when I moved to Houston in 2018.

Photography is simply my passion.
It is the only thing that I never get bored of and that gives me a purpose, makes me feel alive and I can only hope my photos make you feel the same love I put into making them.

I am not much of an extrovert, but I do talk a lot.
I believe that communication and connections are the key to get the best result and to make your ideas come true.

I absolutely loveeee being in front of the camera as well and since I know what it's like to be in front of the lens, feeling a mix of excitement and "what do I do?" vibes.
I promise to make you feel as comfortable as possible and capture your absolute best self!
That is how Emilio end up learning how to take photos, and eventually he became not just my second shooter but a videographer.
This way we can offer the best of both worlds.

Hi! I'm Lee Febres

capturing real moments.

my person.

always on the move.

destination photographer based in Houston,tx.

Getting the shot is my love lenguage.

When I am not editing or taking photos you can find me watching a movie or reading a book.
Besides loving romance I do love a good science fiction book/movie.

So if you are a bride i completely understand how overwhelming this can be!
however we are here to help you all the way to your big day and make it unforgettable while we capture tha magic of it.
Let me help you create memories as beautiful as these.

We recently got engaged

 I'm a total travel junkie too! If it means making your dream photoshoot or wedding a reality, I'm all about hitting the road and exploring new places. 

i am always down for a trip

We have a mini doberman named coco and she is such an important part of our family so, if you have pets they are more than welcome to join the session!

I loveeeee dogs

You Should Know...

Getting the shot is my love language.

Besides capturing beautiful moments, one of our main goals is for you to enjoy the experience.


let's make magic